Terms & Conditions

Prices for products are quoted on our website plus a delivery charge. Delivery charges are based on the destination country and the weight of each item. Payment must be made upon the submission of your order. We accept PayPal payments. We will arrange for the products to be delivered to the delivery address indicated in your order once payment is received.

Within Australia minimum postage is $9.00. Use the postage calculator at checkout for all postage rates.

Images of products on our website are for illustrative purposes; product labels may differ from such images. Older essence labels may read as 66% brandy, and aqueous infusion of (flower or funghi). All the 15mL essences that we currently sell are 50% alcohol (which may be brandy) and 50% aqueous infusion of flower or funghi. 

Products for Japan have a lesser quantity of alcohol to comply with that country’s alcohol laws.

In the unlikely event that your product is lost or damaged in transit, please contact us by email at info@himalaya.com.au.

In the case of non-delivery, please wait for 15 days from the date of your order in case it has been delayed by the postal system. Note: Orders to South America may take up to 3 weeks by post from time of dispatch.

If ordering from Japan please order direct from the Japanese Distributor at  Nature World Corp

Himalayan Flower Enhancers are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease. The statements and suggestions in this website are not a substitute for the medical advice of a trained health professional. We believe in our product but leave it up to the individual to take a responsible approach to their health care needs. There are no contraindications with their being used alongside any other healing modality.

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