Scented Mist Sprays

The original three 50mL Mist Sprays are based on the Himalayan Flower Enhancer essences Aura Cleansing, Protection and Vital Spark, with some essential oils added. They come in a 50mL glass spray bottle and have a natural scent from the pure essential oils used. Meditation spray and Tantric Nights are the latest additions, also based on Himalayan Flower Enhancer essences.

50mL MIST SPRAYS ARE FOR EXTERNAL USE AS THEY CONTAIN SOME ESSENTIAL OILS. 15mL Dropper Bottles contain no essential oils.

Tantric Nights spray, for men

Aura Cleansing

Aura Cleansing Spray

  • Gives you a sparkle.
  • Spray around the body to freshen up and clear away stale energies.
  • Spray rooms to clear energy. Great when traveling to freshen up hotel rooms – particularly around the bed.


Protection Spray

  • Protect yourself from unwanted energies.
  • For practitioners and clients – before, during and after a session.
  • Clears the space after strong energy work.
  • Use when travelling on public transport & for air travel.

Vital Spark

Vital Spark Spray

  • Spray around the body when you need a lift.
  • Good in emergency situations, stress, trauma, shock and for low energy.
  • Helpful during an illness.
  • Helpful when undergoing medical procedures.


meditation spray labelMeditation Spray

  • Spray around the body before meditation.
  • It helps create the space and align the energy system to ease into meditation.
  • Creates a calming and peaceful ambience.

Tantric Nights Men

Mist Spray for Men contains:
Ceratonia siliqua (Carob Tree), Xanthorrhoea, Musa acuminata.
Contains essential oils: Vetiver, Himalayan Cedar
Directions: Spray around the body.
Contents: 50mL (scented),
or 15mL (unscented)

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Tantric Nights Women

Mist Spray for Women contains:
Cestrum nocturnum, Camellia williamsii, Haemanthus coccineus (Blood Lily).
Contains essential oil:
Ylang Ylang
Directions: Spray around the body.
Contents: 50mL (scented),
or 15mL (unscented)

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