Himalayan Flowers

Himalayan Flowers

The flowers for these essences are sourced in the Parvati Valley of the Indian Himalayas. Parvati was Lord Shivas beloved and tantric consort. This is a beautiful metaphor in describing the energies of these essences and the land they come from: a passionate exploration for truth through the vehicle of this body, transforming all perceived obstacles and challenges into love and awareness.

Details: There are 26 essences in the Himalayan Flowers range. The essences contained in the bottles are of the flowers shown on this page. Essences are supplied with our attractive generic HFE label. They can be purchased individually or as a set. This is an unscented product.

Contents: 15mL aqueous infusion of individual flower essence or combination flower essences (as per label) 50% alcohol (as preservative).

Bottles hold 15mL and come with a dropper top.

Search Himalayan Flower essences by keywords  channelling, mental focus, inner strength, celebration, innocence, disconnected, expansiveness, compulsion, transition, courage, womenradiance, hara, heart, solar plexus, inner beauty, surrender, deprogramming, deconditioning, breaking free, joy, anger and frustration, go within, acceptance, grounding, union, trauma, compassion, bliss, men. For something that is not listed here, use the search function in the menu bar to find a supporting essence.

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