Gulaga Essences

There are 13 Gulaga essences. The source for these essences is the same fungi and minerals that exist on and around Gulaga Mountain, far south coast, NSW Australia. Gulaga is a mountain on the south-eastern seaboard of Australia. The Yuin people regard her as the sacred mother, the source of creation. She is the dominant feature on this coastal landscape. Indigenous and non-indigenous people feel her presence. She inspires, heals, confronts and nurtures, embodying the sacred wisdom and beauty of the Earth.

Contents: 15mL aqueous infusion of flower essence (as per label), 50% alcohol (as preservative).

Each bottle in this range has its own attractive label. Bottles hold 15mL and come with dropper top. Gulaga Essences can be purchased individually.

Phoenx Rising NEW ESSENCE  Phoenix Rising Now available.

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New Essence for 2021 – Phoenix Rising

This essence was made over a period of 10 days leading up to and until the morning after the solstice of December 2020 ( when Jupiter and Saturn made their once in 20-year conjunction and entered the sign of Aquarius, once every 200 years) It was made from the flower...

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Max Harrison and Ann Thomas talk about Gulaga

Max Harrison and Ann Thomas (Yuin elders) talk about Gulaga. (excerpt taken from "Gulaga", a video narrated by David Arvind Condon and Hiromi Matsuoka. Reprinted here with kind permission from the makers and Lyn Thomas.) MAX HARRISON, Yuin Elder: 'At the beginning,...

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