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 Astro Sun Essences

The Sun essences were made on one day each month, within the first 10 days of the Sun’s entrance into a sign of the zodiac.

Taking these essences may increase your awareness of the difficulties of a zodiac sign. Although possibly uncomfortable, revealing these difficulties can add insight and assist healing.

On the other hand, you may gain insight into any of the many gifts each sign has to offer. In this way astro essences can be a catalyst for change.

Each 15mL bottle in this range has its own attractive label and dropper top.
Use the search function in the menu bar to find a supporting essence e.g. trust = Pisces Sun. If you would like help choosing an Astro Essence contact Janet Menefy at

Astro Sun Essences
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Scorpio Sun
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Aquarius Sun
Pisces Sun

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Astro Essences and Others

I have been very impressed with these essences right from the first time I tried them on myself. I happen to have a whole family of Fire signs and whenever I would visit, I would get overwhelmed with the amount of energy that I would meet.

Whenever I remember to take the Fire Essences with me on my visits, my experience is, that I can meet their energies quite easily and can feel the fire in me rise up to meet theirs! I have more fun and no longer feel like I want to bolt!!!

This experience has encouraged me to use all the other Sun & Moon signs in any particular situation where I might feel a bit vulnerable and they really change the way I handle people and challenging circumstances.

Sangito Carey
Astrologer and bookkeeper