Introduction to Astro Essences

These twenty-four Astro (Astrology) Essences are a vibrational healing remedy. They can be used in the same way as the Himalayan Flower Enhancers (see How to Use). The process of making these Astro Essences is one of attunement and ceremony, capturing the energy of each of the twelve Sun and Moon signs of the zodiac. They were made in consultation and collaboration with Janet Menefy (Astrologer). They come in an attractive 15mL blue bottle with individualised labels and dropper top. They can be purchased individually. Ingredients: 50% mother essence in spring water, 50% brandy (as preservative).

How to Use Astro Essences

Many people may be familiar with their ‘sun’ sign, most commonly referred to as your zodiac sign. Less well known is your ‘moon’ sign. If you have never had a birth chart done, and do not know your ‘moon’ sign, you can still enjoy these essences. The pdf available for download will help with essence descriptions. Take the essence of your own Sun or Moon sign if you wish to increase your conscious recognition of these energies, and/or to reveal what you have previously been unaware of.

For example, to clarify your direction and add vitality, try your Sun sign essence. To clarify your emotions and revitalise flagging feelings, try your Moon sign essence. Take the essence of other Sun and Moon signs, if your current situation would benefit from a particular energy, or to reveal the energy of that zodiac sign. This revelation may be especially pertinent if you have another planet or point (such as the Ascendant) in your birth chart, in that sign. Briefly experiencing the energy of a Sun or Moon sign that is not evident in your own personal chart may also help your understanding of how these energies are experienced by others.

15mL bottleThese essences come in a 15mL dropper bottle


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