Himalayan Dreaming (DVD)


This DVD was commissioned as a soundtrack and images that resonate with the seven chakras.


As a film, Himalayan Dreaming can be received on many different levels. Most simply it is a stunningly beautiful portrait of the region in the Himalayas where the Himalayan Flower Enhancers are produced. More than that it works as an ambient relaxation film; or watched with awareness it is a meditative journey through the chakras, helping shift and clear energy within and moving the viewer towards a state of peace.

The Himalayan Dreaming DVD is divided into 8 musical segments: an Introduction, and then the seven chakras. Each segment has music specifically designed to resonate with the particular chakra, as well as images loosely chosen to activate the chakra.

The music is sometimes lively, sometimes peaceful, and the accompanying images of life in the Himalayas pass by quickly, as if the viewer is a traveller passing through on a spiritual journey.

The soundtrack was specially composed by musicians on the far south coast of NSW,  Australia.

Sanket Schmidt
Elizabeth Kearney
Dinesh Moylen

Closed for orders from April 25th–June 15th, 2024. Apologies for any inconvenience.