Complete Set of Flower Enhancers




The Complete Set of 56 Flower Enhancers includes:

Astral Orchid, Aura Cleaning,  Authenticity, Blue Dragon, Cedar, Champagne, Children’s Flower, Chiron,  Clarity,  Down to Earth, Ecstasy, Endurance, Expansion, Flight, Gateway, Goddess, Golden Dawn, Gratefulness,Gulaga, Gulaga Crystal, Gulaga Orchid, Happiness, Healing, Heart of Tantra, Hidden Splendour, Isan (Neem), Let Go, Lotus, Morning Glory, Nirjara, Nirjara 2, Opium Poppy, Pink Primula. Pluto, Protection, Purple Orchid, Rapa-nui, Renaissance, Repatterning, Peace, Rock Primula, Roots and Wings, Sat-Chit-Ananda, Sludge Buster, Sober Up, Spider Fungus, Strength, Synergy, Tracking, Trust, Veil of Dreams, Vital Spark, Warrior, Wellbeing, White Orchid, Womb With A View. This set does not include Astro Essences.

Closed for orders from April 25th–June 15th, 2024. Apologies for any inconvenience.