How to Use Flower Enhancers

Dowsing with a pendulum.

5 ways to choose the right essence for you

No need to stress about choosing the right essence. Follow your sense about what feels right.

However, if you still need some encouragement, here are some tips for choosing an essence:

  • Read the flower’s description and feel if it addresses any pertinent issues for you;
  • Look at the flower’s picture and notice if there is a “pull” or resonance for you with that particular flower;
  • Dowse with a pendulum… if you have already purchased some essences you can experiment with different choices;
  • (if you have access to a range of essences) … Hold the bottles in your hand one by one, and tune in to the appropriateness of each essence. You may be drawn to one particular essence; or
  • Simply follow a hunch and use your intuition.

7 suggestions on how you can use these essences

If you use flower essences then you already know how to use these “flower enhancers”. Here are some suggestions for taking these essences. They are also safe to use on animals.

  • Take a few drops by mouth. First shake the bottle then place a few drops under the tongue (sublingually). This is the usual method. It is good not to take anything else by mouth 1/2hr before and 1/2hr afterwards (a bit like you would take a homoeopathic remedy).
  • Rub directly on the skin 
  • Place a few drops on a chakra point
  • Add to skin creams and massage oils
  • Add to baths
  • Add to water in “mist” sprays (4-5 drops from the stock bottle is enough). The spray method is excellent for clearing and refreshing rooms around the house. See also Mist Sprays which have some essential oils added
  • Safe to use on pets also

Whichever method you choose … be still, be quiet and take a few moments to turn inward and feel the effects within.

“There are seven bodies and seven chakras and within them lie all the means as well as the barriers. There are no barriers outside.” Osho

Email us if you need help to choose an essence

You can email us and we are happy to help you choose an essence that suits your situation.

Further Reading:
Harvey and Cochrane’s book The Encyclopaedia of Flower Remedies (Harper and Collins) is a highly comprehensive work.

Vibrational Medicine by Richard Gerber MD

A Compendium of Flower Essences by Clare G Harvey