It begins in 1990…

Tanmaya in 1994I was living in a remote valley of the Indian Himalayas for about four months in 1990 when the flowers began speaking to me.

I have always loved flowers. As a child one of my greatest joys was finding and picking wild flowers in the spring. A few years ago whilst reading a book on Astrology, I came across a passage which said that when you find your life’s work you will be amazed that it was something you were already doing when you were a child. I thought back and immediately dismissed the idea, saying “Well in my case it’s not true.”

After perhaps three months of very simple mountain living, picking herbs and wild foods, chopping wood and carrying water; walking, meditating and soaking up the awesome splendour of the mountains, the mind stilled enough to hear the flowers speaking.

In tune with the flowers

They told me to eat them, sit silently and feel their effects. During this time they would tell me about themselves, and how they could be helpful to human beings. They asked me to share them with as many people in the world as possible.

They called themselves Flower Enhancers, saying that they are not remedies for something that is wrong in man, rather their work is to enhance what is right, by shining their lights or vibrational frequency into particular parts of the human body, opening them up and dispelling any darkness blocks or stored negativity.

Their action is to stimulate and provoke wholeness, which is our natural state. The nature of the body is to be an open channel for the universal energy and the flowers spark a remembrance in the cells of this wholeness – this flowering.

The strongest life force

I asked them if all the flowers contained such powers and they replied “Yes all flowers have their individual properties, but because of man’s abuse there are few places left on the earth where the life force is still so strong and vibrant as the Himalayas.” read more…