More and more I am using flower essences to enhance and facilitate greater depth in Constellation workshops.

I open the circle at the beginning of each workshop by giving each participant a drop of Synergy essence.

This was made from a community of mushrooms embracing the trunk of a spotted gum tree, outside a venue where workshops were previously held. The energy of this essence seems to bring the group together in a deep harmony and presence.

Next we have a short meditation – tuning into Gulaga (the sacred mountain where the workshops are now held). We honour the original custodians of the land and all who have come before us, both ancestrally and historically.

I use Protection essence inside a magnificent Tibetan gong which we use to clear the space after each constellation, and also use a spray of Protection essence and Aura Cleaning essences to spray the room or participants if energy needs clearing.

During the interview process I may use an essence to help a client focus or feel deeper into an issue they are having difficulty accessing.

And I sometimes use an essence with a representative if they feel blocked in some way – always as a gentle nudge – which is the nature of how flower essences work. It is never to manipulate or force an issue.

Likewise, if the client finds it difficult to be present and allowing of what is being represented, I sometimes use an essence.

I find them a powerful and non-invasive adjunct to this sacred work.


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