Aura Cleaning Mist SprayAura Cleansing Spray

  • Gives you a sparkle.
  • Spray around the body to freshen up and clear away stale energies.
  • Spray rooms to clear energy. Great when traveling to freshen up hotel rooms – particularly around the bed.

Contents: 50mL

Contains: Aura Cleansing Flower Enhancer , blend of essential oil, spring water, (alcohol as preservative) Main essential oil: Olibanum. (Olibanum has strong spiritual cleansing properties and assists the Indigofera Heterantha and Gypsophila Cerastioides flowers in the Aura Cleansing spray to radiate an energy of gold, lightness, and sparkle in the energy field.)

Directions: Spray around the physical body or around area to be cleared and protected. Avoid spraying in the eyes.