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These flower essences are vibrational healing remedies made from fresh flowers (some from The Parvati Valley of the Indian Himalayas) and Australian fungi. They are lovingly collected by us for these essences.

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Himalayan Flower Enhancers is the name given to this total product range which includes the Himalayan Flowers, Flowers of the World, Gulaga Essences, Tasmanian Wilderness Essences and more. They are vibrational healing remedies. We also call them “flower” essences, although some of the product range is made from fungi, quartz crystal and black tourmaline.

Flower remedies and flower essences have been known of for many thousands of years. They affect the energy body, mind and emotions.  If you look at the descriptions of our flower essences you will find they address this “inner world”, to restore balance.

Use these flower essences as an aid to self-enquiry. Enhance your self-enquiry… go deeper into self-enquiry. If you are willing to look at underlying issues they can support healing and resolution.

We make the essences ourselves, travelling the world to find fresh flowers and fungi. Back in the 1990s, our product range started with himalayan flowers from the pristine environment of the Himalayas, so we named our product Himalayan Flower Enhancers. (read more)

Uniquely Australian Flower Essences
Our product range includes flower essences sourced from Australian native flowers and fungi. Mt Gulaga (nr Tilba Tilba, NSW Australia) inspired the Gulaga Essences range. It includes essences from fungi native to the region, quartz crystal and black tourmaline.

A recent addition to the product range is Tasmanian Wilderness Essence Sprays from southern Tasmania.

The newest addition to the product range is Meditation Spray. It helps create a calming and peaceful ambience. Available now as 50mL spray (scented) and soon to be avilable as 15mL stock essence (unscented).

What is a Vibrational Remedy?
making mother essence A vibrational remedy works on subtle levels. These essences are made by a delicate process of attunement and ceremony, silence and intent. Natural sunlight transfers the fresh flower’s “vibration” into water or alcohol. The result is a unique “signature” or healing essence. The flower is used because it is the highest manifestation of the life force of a plant. Water is an ideal medium because it is thought to have a memory. Once the flower is infused in spring water it retains an imprint. The flowers’ imprint or signature can be likened to a mental or emotional state and when taken can affect the subtle body. Himalayan Flower Enhancers can be used like other traditional flower essences.
What do I use them for?
Flower remedies affect mind / body / emotions. One way to use the flower remedies is as an aid to self-enquiry. You will notice from the individual descriptions of these essences that they address an inner world. See the How to Use page for suggestions on use. Whichever method you choose … be still, be quiet and take a few moments to turn inward and feel the effects within.
Are they perfumed?
All the products are water-based with the addition of alcohol as a preservative. There are no fragrances added to our 15mL dropper bottles*. These flower enhancers are water-based, unscented and contain only the energetic vibrational properties of the plants. This product is safe to take internally. NOTE: *The 50mL Mist Sprays contain some added essential oils which may have a natural fragrance. The 30mL Tasmanian Wilderness Essence sprays contain organic Tasmanian Boronia oil which has natural fragrance. The Mist Sprays and Tasmanian Wilderness Essences are sprays for external use only.

When one is very sensitive and open to nature, it seems that plants and their flowers each have their own character and qualities. Taken as an essence, these flowers can resonate with, and awaken or enhance the same qualities within a person. Nature offers us complete healing – restoring balance and well-being, and allowing us to awaken to the truth of our wholeness and inter-connectedness with all of life. Tanmaya, Himalayan Flower Enhancers

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Himalayan Flowers

The flowers for these essences are sourced in the Parvati Valley of the Indian Himalayas. Parvati was Lord Shivas beloved and tantric consort. This is a beautiful metaphor in describing the energies of these essences and the land they come from: a passionate exploration for truth through the vehicle of this body, transforming all perceived obstacles and challenges into love and awareness. This very body the Buddha. This land the lotus paradise.

Tasmanian Wilderness Essence Sprays

Fungi from the far south Tasmanian Wilderness Read about the creation of these unique essences These fungi mostly grow in the wilderness areas of the far south of Tasmania in ancient myrtle forests – only the tip of South America is further south on our planet. These beech-myrtle trees are hundreds of years old and as a species date back over 780,000 years to Gondwanaland. It provides the perfect environment for these wonderful fungi to grow and embody something magical.

New Scented Mist Sprays

TANTRIC NIGHTS (coming soon)

Disclaimer: Himalayan Flower Enhancers are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease. The statements and suggestions in this website are not a substitute for the medical advice of a trained health professional. We believe in our product but leave it up to the individual to take a responsible approach to their health care needs.